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Notary Services 

Notary Professional 

TX# 133011774    Exp. 04/01/2025

*For Notary Services please call 682-999-8645

Administrative Services Program

Our Administrative Services program is offered to teens transitioning out of foster care, individuals with disabilities, veterans, aging/elderly individuals and their families on behalf of the individual in need. Our goal is to reduce the risk of our client’s private information being used in a fraudulent manner. Creating a centralized process that will safe-guard their non-public information such as SSN, personal medical records, financial information, etc.

We believe every individual should have access to administrative support, no matter their circumstances.  Full Circle Angels Inc provides a secure, trustworthy service while aiding to reduce financial exploitation amongst those at risk.

Nursing Home Consultant Program

Our Nursing Home Consultant program will ensure that all patients residing in a nursing home facility and their families are confident they are receiving the best quality care during their stay. Our goal is to evaluate nursing homes, identify the needs of patients and staff, work with operational nursing home staff to create a plan of action to increase moral and provide a humane experience for those in need of care.

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